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Bonuses don't get bigger than this.

I think Marie Forleo’s B-School is critical for every business owner. That’s why I’m giving My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER to anyone who signs up for B-School through my affiliate link — click the big green circular button on this page. This bonus has everything you need to support your big entrepreneurial heart.

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My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER includes...

The Desire Map Facilitator Program

This facilitator program is a ready-made business with soul — created with all lightworkers and entrepreneurs in mind to use The Desire Map to transform people’s lives. This program comes with workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum that you can immediately use as part of your own business or offerings. Here’s how it works: You join the program. We give you all the curriculum and support you need to start facilitating this work right away. Workshops, retreats, or coaching sessions — choose them all or take your pick.

This program was created for Entrepreneurs, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, Essential Oil Educators, Healers… to help them enhance their work, expand their reach, and deepen the transformation for everyone they work with.

When you join the program and become an official Desire Map Facilitator, you’re given everything you need to start facilitating this work right away: curriculum, tools, resources, a public directory to promote your workshops, an online database filled with resources to help you promote your event, and a robust Licensee Guidebook to help you create, facilitate, and make money as a Desire Map Facilitator.

When you sign up for B-School 2017 your first year is totally free. If you’re already a facilitator, your next renewal payment is on us!

The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program

Like the Desire Map Facilitator Program, this program was created with all lightworkers and entrepreneurs in mind to use The Fire Starter Sessions to help people create clarity around their business or vocation.

This program comes with coaching curriculum that you can immediately use as part of your own business or offerings. Here’s how it works: You join the program. We give you the curriculum so you can start facilitating this work right away. This includes in-person and online group coaching, as well as one-on-one coaching — choose them all or take your pick.

This program was created for Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Teachers and Leaders of all kinds to help clients define, build, and sustain success on their own terms. Tailor, tweak, and fine-tune this work to enrich your existing buffet of offerings or make this the heart of everything you do — it’s all yours, as soon as you become a Facilitator.

When you sign up for B-School 2017 your first year is totally free.

The Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop

The Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop is a video course to discover your genius, find your voice, and create soulful success on your own terms. Whether you’re a creative, a budding mogul, or a seasoned entrepreneur, you probably know the struggle of trying to forge a path that feels free, abundant, and authentic. It’s easy to get caught up in setting goals and intentions that seem perfect on paper, but ultimately don’t feel right for you, even after you’ve reached them. The Fire Starter Sessions is a way to re-envision everything you’ve thought about what success is, how to set goals, how to make big things happen — all in a way that feels truly satisfying, connected, and whole.   

You’ll face your fears, dig into your desire. You’ll peel away layers and get to the core of what it means to you — personally, uniquely, right now in this moment — to be successful. And you’ll get effective tools to help you open yourself wide to that possibility and take decisive, clear action. Soulful approach + practical implementation = life and work transformed.

When you sign up for B-School 2017 this video workshop is yours free.

Claim your bonus in two easy steps!

1. Read this

To get your bonus, you must sign up for B-School ONLY by clicking the green button on this page. If you sign up through any other link, you will not be eligible to receive your bonus.


After you sign up for B-School using the green button on this page, you will get an email from us confirming your bonus 48-72 hours after you purchase B-School.

2. Click this button!

Marie Forleo's Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs.
...the hype is real.

I pretty much never lay my heart on the line for anyone’s business training programs. Marie Forleo’s B-School is the one (highly impeccable) exception. I’ve gone through B-School myself (so has my entire team), which is why I can say with full integrity: It works.
This is the holy grail of online business savvy.

If you have the entrepreneurial fire burning inside you but you don’t have the online business know-how, or you already have a business but you can’t seem to get your act together and make your business fly, this is it. B-School is the place to go, for all good souls who are ready to make money doing meaningful work in the world.

What exactly is Marie Forleo’s B-School? And is it right for you?

B-School is the world’s first online business school for modern entrepreneurs.

It’s an 8 week video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively, and dial up your online presence so that you can have the impact (and income) you want.

If you’ve been in business for a while, Marie will help you optimize and refine. If all you’ve got is the twinkling of an entrepreneurial idea that’s just beginning to unfold, this program will give you the tools you need to launch your new business with purpose and savvy.

Whether your business dreams are focused on the online world, or the brick + mortar world, B-School will teach you the smart, effective and “non-douchey” marketing strategies you need to get more sales, while making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. If you want to change lives by starting (or re-igniting) the business of your dreams, this moment — this moment right here — could be the one that changes it all.




But really, what makes B-School so special?

For starters, Marie herself. She has built a multi-million dollar, women-empowering, online education company.


Marie has leveraged her decades of experience and hard-won wisdom to create free (exceptionally useful) content through her award-winning show MarieTV. And the crème de la crème of what she has to offer is all bundled up in the newly updated B-School 2017.


AND! You’re not just getting the best (really, this is THE best) online business training on the planet. You’re also getting access to an incredibly engaged community of peers, entrepreneurial cheerleaders and potential clients (yes, it’s a not-so-little-known fact that many B-Schoolers find their first customers/clients among their B-School peers).

This year, students have more access to personalized support than ever. Throughout the course, there are dedicated Mentor Coaches to guide and assist you in areas of tech and programming, web design and development, e-commerce, copywriting, and life coaching. Every mentor is a successful business owner and has years of experience with the philosophy of B-School.


B-School also has the largest Customer Support Team they’ve ever had, who are professionally trained in B-School to answer any questions you have.

The B-School Curriculum


The 6-module video training is released over 8 weeks, with two full weeks of implementation and weekly live group coaching calls. Plus a brand NEW Follow-Through Formula Bonus Program: Marie’s team has restructured and rebuilt this training from top to bottom. Each training video comes with its own worksheets and the content has been reshaped into four powerful videos that create the acronym D.O.N.E.

Each week’s module comes with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists and worksheets.  You’ll have 24/7 access to the private B-School member site to view the training videos, leave comments, ask questions and compare notes with classmates.

Marie herself is live on all the weekly group coaching calls, to answer questions and offer strategic advice. And she doesn’t hold back — she shows up with her marketing genius dialed UP and available for you.

B-School takes you through The Six Pillars of Building Your Online Business:


In addition to the 6 core modules, you’ll also be welcomed into a library of Master Classes and Advanced Trainings that cover everything from social media, how to be highly productive and master your calendar like a pro, and even super-techy tutorials for DIY types.

Are you a total beginner? You know you want to become an entrepreneur, but are stuck at the idea (or the TOO many idea) phase? Marie’s got you covered with her Brand NEW: Start The Right Business Program! This new expanded program is included at no additional cost with your B-School tuition.

Are you full of creative ideas, but not so great at taking them from idea to completion? Marie’s Follow-Through Formula will help you master the art of Finishing. This bonus training comes with worksheets and brand new content for 2017! Including four powerful videos to help you follow through! This BONUS course is included with your B-School tuition.


B-School was the right choice for me! I quickly learned how to create an online business that fits my desires. The alumni community is a wonderful support system that is informative, nurturing, and inspiring. Marie Forleo’s casual approach and delivery of finely-tuned, relevant, instantly useful content with rich detail and resources makes this program so worth the price. Danielle LaPorte’s generous bonus offer as a Forleo affiliate was icing on the cake, and it gave me an opportunity to experience all of her products directly and now I’m an affiliate of Danielle LaPorte and a licensed Desire Map Coach. Thank you, Danielle and Marie for sharing yourselves so generously.

Lisa Rose Lodeski, Desire Map Facilitator

The combination of doing B-School in conjunction with The Desire Map was an experience I will always be grateful for. Going through the 8 week program while learning about and being aware of my core desired feelings kept me grounded and focused on what I really wanted to get out of my business. Instead of focusing on how everyone else perceives my business, I now have the ability to know that I’m making decisions based on how it feels for me as I know how much that serves me and everyone else around me. Thank you Danielle & Marie for a beautiful experience which I will always hold close to my heart.

Shannon McLaughlin

The cliches are true in my case: I was a long-time devotee of both Marie and Danielle; I was ready to invest in myself; I previously couldn’t afford it; It was time to do the work. All true! I came in with several business ideas and I admit I struggled in getting personal clarity. But here’s what matters: I did figure it out! And I did so on my timeline! And having “forever” access to the materials made all the difference! Don’t let anyone “shame” you into keeping up week to week – do it on your timeline. I registered through Danielle because of the generosity of the bonuses, especially the DM license! I literally couldn’t lose. Team D made it a win-win! I did look at what other people were offering, but there really wasn’t a contest. B-School is life changing – I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Julie Bacon, Desire Map Facilitator

I have to say I am completely floored at how my business and my intentions completely did a 360 from both B-School and the Desire Map. I literally doubled my income, changed my business model and on my way to launching an online academy for “soulpreneurs”. While I haven’t had the chance to jump into hosting a desire map event, this is my next step once I launch my new biz. But if it weren’t for Marie and Danielle, I would have never discovered my true soul purpose.

Liz Loizou-Smith, Desire Map Facilitator


Danielle doesn’t promote many people — why Marie Forleo?

Marie is the best at what she does. She has built an extremely profitable (as in many million$), super-focused (as in, she is a great leader) women-empowering, online education company. I’ve been by her side on this ride for seven years. I’ve watched B-School change lives, including those of TeamD. It works. I say it every year: Marie should be featured in like, Time Magazine with what she’s doing for online women.

There are a lot of B-School bonuses out there. What makes yours special?

For the first time ever — my bonus is all digital! And everything you need to support your business and soul growth: three exclusive digital programs, including The Desire Map Facilitator Program, The (New!) Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program, and The (New!) Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop. These programs are for teachers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. As a facilitator, you have an entire year (on us!) to make some serious bucks right out of the gate.

What is the deadline for registering for B-School?

B-School 2017 registration closes on Thursday March 2nd, 2017 at 6:00pm EST.

When do I get my bonus items?

Your bonus can be redeemed beginning on March 22nd, after the refund period for B-School is over. You will receive an email in March called “Happy Dance Time! Your B-School Bonus is here!” That email has all the instructions on how to collect your bonus.

I have not received any of my bonus items yet, why not?

The bonuses will be available to redeem in March! You’ll get an email from us 48-72 hours after you purchase B-School with more information about when you can redeem your bonuses.

Can I redeem my bonuses at a later date?

If you want to wait before redeeming your bonuses, you have until the end of 2017. The Desire Map Facilitator Program and The Fire Starter Session Facilitator Program must be redeemed at the same time — no exceptions. If you are already a Desire Map Facilitator, your renewal payment will be processed by us right away and your free year will begin on your anniversary date.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! This is the first time ever that Marie is offering a payment plan to make B-School more accessible for folks who are watching their cash flow! Choose to pay in full for $1999, or choose 12 monthly payments of $199.

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